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CS:GO: Matchmaking Ranking Will Get Paid, Valve Reveals

CS:GO: Matchmaking Ranking Will Get Paid, Valve Reveals

Valve announced very moving changes in CS: GO last Thursday (3). In an update, the developer announced that three years after the free CS: GO release, Prime FPS status will be pushed back.

Previously, the player could achieve Prime status by reaching level 21 or even purchasing on Steam. From now on, the case will only be available to those who purchase with a value of R$83.99.

Players without Prime will be able to play all game modes, on community servers and workshop maps, but they will not gain XP, rankings, drop and join the skill set, known as CS: GO Rank.

“New players can still upgrade to Prime by purchasing the Prime Status Upgrade from the Steam store, however, there is no longer a clear path to Prime. And if you purchase the update in the next two weeks, your current progression in skill set and experience points will be carried over.” Release.

Matching the two arrangements will now get you paid. Photo: CS:GO/Disclosure

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