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Boeing will attempt to reach the International Space Station - 05/03/2022 - Science

Boeing will attempt to reach the International Space Station – 05/03/2022 – Science

Starliner, a space capsule from Boeingwill try again in the middle of this month to reach International Space Station (ISS), this Tuesday (3) NASA And the American aviation group, which has accumulated setbacks in this program, competes with the private company SpaceX.

This critical test drone must provide to NASA, the US space agency wea second means of transportation to transport astronauts to the International Space Station.

It is scheduled to take off from the US state of Florida on May 19. In the event that there are obstacles on that day, for example, due to bad weather, there is a possibility to set off on the next day.

The test flight was already attempted in 2019, but it came close to disaster due to a software issue with the device. The capsule had to return to Earth prematurely, unable to reach the space station.

The test would be repeated in August 2021, but had to be canceled at the last minute due to a problem with the valves, which remained closed during final checks on the launch pad.

Boeing determined that this malfunction was caused by a problem with moisture, which, when interacting with an oxidant present in the system, forms nitric acid, which contributed to the blockage of the valves.

“These eight months have been difficult,” Steve Stitch, head of NASA’s Manned Commercial Program, admitted at a press conference Tuesday. But he said with satisfaction: “We have solved the problem (…) and we are heading towards take-off.”

The test flight should prove that the capsule is safe. Mark Naby, vice president and director of the space program, said Boeing is still considering a final test later in the year, this time with a crew.

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