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Create your own WhatsApp stickers using AI

Create your own WhatsApp stickers using AI

WhatsApp has become more innovative with the launch of a feature that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) To create stickers. This new tool, developed by Meta, is changing the way we interact in the app, although it is currently limited to some mobile users. Android. For iOS users, similar functionality can now be experienced through the Camera app.

On October 26, 2023, the announcement was made via the “X” platform, formerly known as Twitter. The big news is that users can now create custom labels with a simple description of just what they want. The process is quick and easy, and it only takes a few seconds to see the magic happen.

How to use artificial intelligence to create stickers on WhatsApp

Follow the steps below to create your own stickers on WhatsApp. It takes less than two minutes!

1. Start the process on WhatsApp: The first step is to open WhatsApp and enter any conversation, whether individual or group.

2. Access the emoji area: In the conversation, find and tap the emoji icon. This is where your creative journey begins.

3. Find the Stickers tab: Inside the emoji area, there will be a specific tab for stickers. This is where the fun starts.

4. Find the “Create” button: In this stickers section, find the “Create” button. Keep in mind that this option may not be available to all users yet.

5. Describe your ideal poster: Now it's time to describe the image you want to turn into a poster. For example, when you type the phrase “astronaut riding a horse” in English, WhatsApp's AI creates a label based on that description. The process is fast and efficient.

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In addition to being a fun tool, it shows how technology is evolving to make our interactions more dynamic and creative. Try it out and discover the possibilities it offers to customize your WhatsApp messages.