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Mozilla's new service will reveal who is “stealing” your online data

Mozilla's new service will reveal who is “stealing” your online data

Online privacy is a growing concern. In this sense, Mozilla is launching a new service, Mozilla Monitor Plus, which promises to be an ally in this battle.

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With online privacy becoming an increasingly sensitive issue, this service has become a reality Game changerThat is, it is capable of changing the rules of the game in the world of technology.

How will Mozilla Monitor Plus work?

Firstly, Mozilla Monitor Plus is a service that aims to provide more control over the privacy and security of personal data on the Internet. So, by subscribing, users will be able to check which sites are collecting and using their information without their knowledge, providing an additional layer of protection.

It promises to be a real shield against online data abuse. For a fee of US$8.99 per month (about R$44.00, depending on the dollar exchange rate), this service automatically monitors your information on more than 190 websites where intermediaries sell information collected from online sources, such as apps, browser trackers, Social Media. Locations. When your data is found, Mozilla will attempt to remove it. Information taken from The Verge website.

On the other hand, according to the same site, members of Basic Monitor – Mozilla's free service – who opt out will receive a free verification and one-time removal check. In addition, there will also be ongoing monthly checks of the data broker after that, Mozilla says.

How will the scans work?

Mozilla says the scans can find online details like your name and current and previous home addresses. However, they can dig a little deeper, where they can check details like the client's criminal history, hobbies, or school district.

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It is worth noting that Mozilla has previously provided other services focused on digital privacy in recent years, such as Mozilla VPN and FireFox Relay.

*With information from The Verge