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Covid: 37% of infected people have at least one long-term symptom

Covid: 37% of infected people have at least one long-term symptom

Show at least one of the symptoms COVID-19 Long-term treatment is found in 37% of patients three to six months after infection with SARs-CoV-2, a large study by the University of Oxford and the National Institute for Health Research showed on Wednesday (29).

After investigating symptoms in more than 270,000 people recovering from Covid-19, the University of Oxford said that among the most common symptoms were respiratory problems, fatigue, pain and anxiety.

According to the study, symptoms were more frequent in people who were hospitalized and more common among women.

The survey did not indicate the detailed causes, severity or duration of Covid symptoms for a long time, but it indicated that the elderly and men have more breathing difficulties and cognitive problems, while young people and women suffer more from headaches, abdominal symptoms, anxiety or depression.

“We need to identify the mechanisms behind the different symptoms that can affect survivors,” said Paul Harrison, the Oxford University professor who led the trial.

This information will be necessary if it aims to prevent or effectively treat the long-term health consequences of Covid-19.

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