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Corinthians Council and Varanda's "Ice" Committee, which is losing space;  Worries outside the field

Corinthians Council and Varanda’s “Ice” Committee, which is losing space; Worries outside the field

Rodrigo Varanda was not Related to the classics against Sao Paulo on Sunday. The same thing has already happened against Penarol (Oro), River Plate (Bar), Ituano and Veroviaria. The forward has only entered the field for 55 minutes of the team’s last 630 minutes (including Majestoso).

This enormous loss of space is not an accident. report My timon He found that only the 18-year-old was receiving some kind of “ice” from the board and technical staff. Feeling discomfort is your out-of-field behavior.

The internal analysis is that of all the youngsters who have had the opportunity to train and play on the main team, Varanda is the one who exposes himself the most off the field. In the past few weeks, three episodes in which the player took part have attracted the attention of the CT scans.

The first was his unconvincing visit to the futsal court near his daughter’s house, a fact the fans rejected. The second came with fingerprints of an unfriendly dialogue between him and a fan on Instagram, in which he questioned the accusation he had received. Finally, on the same night that fans were outraged by the team in Paraguay, the player and his girlfriend released videos celebrating the start of the relationship on social media.

Despite internal analysis that being young (18 years old) brings this kind of setback with youth – the striker didn’t even pass through the U-20 team, jumping from under-17 straight to the Corinthians’ main team – the ‘ice’ goal is to bring the balcony back into reality.

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Just in time: Varanda was the main player who had an initial chance. There were no fewer than nine official matches to start with, with the first eight of the 2021 season. The young man scored a goal (in the derby).

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