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“once and for all”;  Royal family expert slams King Charles III after Meghan and Harry’s ‘nonsense’

“once and for all”; Royal family expert slams King Charles III after Meghan and Harry’s ‘nonsense’


For Kinsey Schofield, the king is just a “throne warmer” and can’t solve any problems

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In the opinion of Kenzie Scofieldsubject matter expert real familyor King Charles III He does not know how to deal with problems and ruminate behind the scenes, on the contrary. She classified it as “the warmth of the throne”, primarily in their relationship Harry that it William: Charles is still at a loss as to how to contain the Sussexes (Harry and Meghan) once and for all.he wrote.

“Once again, the King seems paralyzed and out of ideas on how to solve this mess.”, completed. Kinsey also quoted a source from Sunday timeswhich would have stated that Charles only expected to make the big changes when William took the throne: “Charles decided to be the firm king who moved forward, providing stability.”.

Camilla and Charles celebrated the absence of Meghan and Harry at an event

Harry W Megan Opinions continue to divide within the royal family, especially between Camila and Charles. There is no kind of harmony or “nice vibe” behind the scenes, she said Page six. The controversial couple even decided not to participate in the festival. Royal Ascot This year, traditional horse racing is on United kingdom that have been around for decades.

No one was saddened by this news, quite the contrary. According to the site, some people close to King Charles celebrated Harry’s decision: “The rumors at the royal court were how happy everyone was that Meghan and Harry weren’t here.”said a whistleblower. Rumor has it that Camilla is not dying of love for Meghan, and the feeling is mutual.

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