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Class 2: ChatGPT competitor launched in US and UK

Class 2: ChatGPT competitor launched in US and UK

Many companies are developing competitors to ChatGPT, such as Google’s Bart, Russian Gigasat, and now let’s talk about Cloud 2, a chatbot developed by Anthropic startup, which is now available in public version in the US and United Kingdom. The competitor is still in beta, but already promises improvements over the previous version.

According to Anthropic, Clad 2 is a generative artificial intelligence based on an LLM, i.e., a language model with deep learning, capable of learning and generating from experiences.

In practice, Claude 2 has the same functions as ChatGPT, allowing the user to ask questions and receive answers in natural language, and help with various tasks, including summarizing, rewriting and creating texts from scratch, as well as programming.

However, Anthropic says that Claude 2 is less likely to make mistakes like the ones seen on ChatGPT, creating ethically questionable decisions or misinformation.

We are again trying to improve the basic security of Clad 2 so that it is more invulnerable and difficult to attack or deliver dangerous results.

The company responsible for the chatbot says it will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months, so we’ll have to wait a while before testing Claude 2 to see if it’s better than ChatGPT.

Speaking of availability, the ChatGPT app is now available for iOS in Brazil with integration with Bing to provide answers based on the latest facts.

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