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Citing PGR, he defended Lava Jato and said Gleisi was “aware of a criminal scheme.”

Citing PGR, he defended Lava Jato and said Gleisi was “aware of a criminal scheme.”

Photo: Carlos Mora/STF
Deputy Electoral Prosecutor Paulo Junet Branco October 2, 2023 | 16:25

Citing PGR, he defended Lava Jato and said Gleisi was “aware of a criminal scheme.”

Deputy Electoral Prosecutor, Paulo Jeunet Branco, is campaigning behind the scenes to succeed Augusto Arras as head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but is facing resistance within the Workers’ Party, especially from the party’s president, Glessie Hoffmann (PT). -Public relations).

Jeunet has important supporters, such as Federal Supreme Court Ministers Gilmar Méndez and Alexandre de Moraes. PT Wings prefer Antonio Carlos Pigno for the job.

In 2016, the current head of the Electoral Section of the Attorney General presented an oral argument before the Second Bench of the Supreme Court in defense of the opening of a criminal case against Glisi and her ex-husband, Paolo Bernardo, who had been a minister in Workers’ Party governments for nearly ten years.

The panel unanimously decided to make them defendants. But in 2018, both were acquitted by the same group.

At the time, Jounieh defended receiving the complaint against the two in the Lava Jato area, and stated that “the defendants were fully aware of the criminal scheme and the false origin of the quantities they obtained.”

The PGR accusation stated that Gleisi’s Senate campaign in 2010 had received R$1 million from expensive Petrobras contracts.

“The complaint describes the facts. The complaint is rich in details of what the Attorney General of the Republic attributed to the defendants. She feels comfortable that there are sufficient elements of conviction to receive the complaint,” Jeunet said.

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Rodrigo Janot at the time, achieved a preliminary victory, and the Supreme Court unanimously decided to indict both defendants for money laundering and corruption.

The rapporteur of Lava Jato in the STF at the time, Minister Tjore Zavaski, voted to open the criminal case and his other colleagues agreed. The minister said that the article provided a clear description of the facts. “The initial elements converge in the sense that, in theory, an undue advantage could have occurred,” he said.

But later, in a trial that lasted about nine hours, the group decided to acquit them of the charges against them.

The rapporteur of the case was actually Minister Edson Fachin, who said that no elements were presented proving the negative form of the crime of corruption.

He declared that “no evidence was obtained indispensable to confirm the demand for the undue advantage attributed in the complaint or any participation in its receipt.”

However, Fachin stated that Glessi should be convicted of the crime of ideological falsehood. Minister Celso de Mello accompanied the rapporteur, but they ended up defeated.

The dispute was opened by Minister Dias Toffoli, followed by Gilmar Mendes and Ricardo Lewandowski, to acquit both charges.

Glisi’s lawyer in the case, Rodrigo Modrovich, denies any discomfort with Jeunet’s actions at the time.

“I was the lawyer in this case. At no time was the defense disturbed by the oral argument given by Dr. Paolo Jeunet upon receiving the complaint. It was a technical performance at an early stage of the process.

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According to him, “what caused deep discomfort in the defense – and subsequently led to the just acquittal of all those wrongfully accused – was the recklessness of the actions of the then Attorney General, who acted in a manner completely inconsistent with the evidence contained in the case.” The case was tried, until the last minute, to obtain an unjustified conviction.”

Arras’ term in the PGR ended on the 26th of this month and it will be up to President Lula (PT) to choose his successor.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Elisita Ramos took office on an interim basis on Wednesday (27) amid suspicion on the part of a wing of Lula’s government (Workers’ Party) that considers her a Gatist. The Allies cite this fact to pressure Lula to quickly choose who will be Arras’ successor.

The president has not yet brought down the hammer, but Jeunet’s name has gained strength behind the scenes thanks to the support of Gilmar and Moraes, the two most influential justices on the Supreme Court.

The Labor MP has already made clear to his allies that he does not want to displease the two judges, who have established themselves as the government’s main interlocutors in the Supreme Court.

However, the president also evaluated the appropriateness of expanding the powers of Moraes and Gilmar, who are working together to place people close to them in other important positions in the judiciary.

Matthews Teixeira / Fullpress