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Canada forces federal employees to vaccinate |  world and science

Canada forces federal employees to vaccinate | world and science

Canada has announced that all federal employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19France Press agency

Posted on 8/13/2021 3:49 PM

OTTAWA – The Canadian government announced Friday, 13, that all federal employees will be vaccinated against COVID-19, amid a fourth wave of the pandemic due to a variable delta expansion.

“We will demand vaccination in the federal public service,” declared Dominique LeBlanc, Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs.

The date for the entry into force of this measure will be determined in the coming weeks, but it must be implemented “quickly and no later than October for the transport sector.”

Ottawa is also working with public companies, such as Canada Post, to ensure that this measure applies to them as well.

The minister noted that the government is “the largest employer in the country”.

The federal civil service has nearly 300,000 employees, according to data from Ottawa.

“All of these efforts are aimed at helping Canada achieve the immunization coverage we need to reopen and keep our economy open and protect thousands of people,” LeBlanc added.

As of Friday, 71% of 38 million Canadians had received a dose of the covid-19 vaccine and nearly 62% had been fully vaccinated.

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