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Chinese companies Omoda and Jaecoo will have 50 stores in the country by the end of the year

Chinese companies Omoda and Jaecoo will have 50 stores in the country by the end of the year

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Omoda and Jaecoo will have joint stores across the country

Chinese manufacturers Omoda
that it com. jaecoo
working together, announced an increase in its strategy of opening dealerships in Brazil, starting from 43 to 50 new stores by the end of 2024
. This decision was made following a strategy review, resulting in the creation of an additional seven new stores. Remember, brands are controlled Shery
However, the process will not be carried out by the CAOA group.

“Chinese companies have a different dynamic than we are used to. They are more flexible in making decisions, driven by a strategic vision aimed at accelerating business and anticipating future requirements,” says Felipe Amaral de Souza, Sales Director at Omoda | Gecko Brazil.

The company is excited about the future, with new models scheduled for 2025, in addition to the three announced for this year. J7 that it J8 that it Umoda 5
. The first will be the Omoda 5, a crossover coupe with similar dimensions to the Jeep Compass
which will have Two mild hybrid versions and a 100% electric version
. Additionally, the merchants who will be part of the company will be announced in May.

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Omoda 5 bets on visuals to win over the Brazilian audience

In April, during Beijing Auto Show
, column | Jeecoo will take the opportunity to take potential dealer groups to visit its headquarters in Wuhu, where the vehicles are produced. After this visit, the company will announce more than 25 groups that will be responsible for managing the company's first 43 points of sale.

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The Jaecoo J7 is larger than the Jeep Compass and has a boxy appearance

He added: “The groups that will be selected are subject to a careful evaluation process that includes several indicators such as investment capacity, sales performance in previous years, level of customer satisfaction in sales and after-sales services, and identification and presence in local markets. This way, we can be sure that we are choosing the best business partners