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8 stoic principles that will change the way you live

8 stoic principles that will change the way you live

Our world is full of difficulties that appear daily in everyone’s life, that’s a fact. Despite these circumstances, some knowledge can help you deal with difficult times or momentary problems, whether it is religious beliefs or even wisdom from ancient civilizations, such as Stoicism.

Originated by Zeno of Citium, a man who lived in Athens about 300 years before Christ, in ancient Greece, Stoicism is a philosophy that consists of man’s harmony with himself, in a way that is in harmony with his inner self and with himself. the nature that surrounds it.

But how does this work in practice anyway? Well, for Zeno, the whole universe is in harmony, because he is one. Therefore, humans are also one with Him. Therefore, to obtain peace and tranquility, it is sufficient for us to balance our life with the harmony of what surrounds us.

After all, how do you apply stoicism in practical life?

Stoicism is very broad knowledge and could take up pages and pages of more websites – something that some writers and scholars on the subject have done, such as Seneca, who has several books dealing with the philosophy of Stoicism.

Here, to facilitate, we will highlight 8 stoic principles This will help you bring this philosophy into your practical life and improve your harmony with the universe. He follows:

  1. live according to nature – this is the stoic goal of life;
  2. live according to the four virtues: courage, justice, self-control, and wisdom;
  3. Focus on what you can control and accept what you can’t.
  4. Separate things into good, bad, and indifferent;
  5. Take the lead;
  6. Bad Luck Practice – “What Could Go Wrong?” ;
  7. You have a conceptI love my girlAs a principle of life, that is, to love everything that happens to you;
  8. Perception is the key.
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As you can see, all the principles of Stoicism are self-explanatory and are based first and foremost: life according to nature. Then the other principles will help you in your daily attempts to become one with the universe.

Each of the other principles also represents a specific teaching, but we can sum it up as follows: live your life and enjoy every moment of it, do not get hung up on momentary difficulties or problems.

Finally, learn how to appreciate what you have now without worrying about it later. At the same time, don’t stop thinking that what you have today is the most you can get.

Search, create, discover and have fun! When you are able to realize the value of everything you own (including your life), you will be able to harmonize with the universe and balance yourself.