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Chiliz announces an auction of rare and unique sports items that will be authenticated on the blockchain

Chiliz announces an auction of rare and unique sports items that will be authenticated on the blockchain

Chiliz has announced a partnership with Common Goal for Participate in the One Shirt Pledge charity auction which will contain rare and unique items from the history of the sport. The auction started on Saturday, September 26th and will run until September 2nd at 9 am. All items on the blockchain will be authenticated through the Chiliz Chain. To participate, interested parties must access the MatchWorn Shirt website.

The One-Shirt Pledge has been called out Players in March 2023 to donate their match jersey from their personal collections. Names like BH Gansu (Fluminense), Aleix Teixeira (Vasco), Gucinara (Flamengo) lead the Brazilian stars who will take part in the event.

In addition, Juan Mata (ex-Chelsea), Victor Osimhen (Napoli) and Giorgio Chiellini (LA Galaxy) also responded to the invitation and donated their shirts. There will be a total of about 30 items for sale. Many of the items have an NFC chip through which owners can access these personalized videos, and all of the items have Proof of Authenticity on the blockchain, through which owners of auctioned items can verify that the item is authentic.

Chiliz and Common Goal share a vision that technology and sport can be a force for positive social change. By introducing the first verified physical souvenir items to the Chiliz series, we are not only generating money for Common Goal causes, but also attracting new ones. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, states that “common goal supporters by leveraging blockchain technology to elevate traditional fan activities such as memorabilia collecting.”

Participants can also bid on items donated by Blockasset By Wayne Rooney, Oleksandr Usyk, Alex Pereira, Darren Thiel, and Khamzat Chimaev, plus group letters by Gilbert Burns, Gregory Rodriguez, Davison Figueiredo, and Glover Teixeira.

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Another recent announcement by Chiliz is that Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) will integrate Chiliz’s soccer chain into AlphaVerse (FAV), its 3D virtual world dedicated to soccer. The two companies will also work together to provide new uses for Socios.com Fan Token holders within the FAV universe.

CBI (Euronext Growth Paris: FR0014007LW0 – ALCBI) is a French technology company developing a new virtual world (metaverse) known as the AlphaVerse, which is set to launch later this year.

AlphaVerse will contain many different worlds and entertainment platforms where users can interact and access content in an immersive 3D environment. Football in AlphaVerse (FAV) will be the focus of the strategic collaboration between Chiliz Labs and CBI.

FAV is an interactive entertainment platform dedicated to football and developed by CBI under official licenses from football clubs such as Real Betis, São Paulo FC, Norwich City FC and Cardiff City FC, which have already confirmed their participation. More details about the project will be revealed between the last quarter of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, when the FAV and the various “Fan Zones” open.

On FAV, players can explore environments dedicated to football and these clubs, meet other fans, and create and discover exclusive content, allowing football in AlphaVerse to become a ‘one-stop’ world for football fans around the world. Users can play mini-games, single or multiplayer, and collect in-game rewards. They will also get unique and personal experiences because it is a world created “by players, for players.”

FAV will reward and celebrate the most active fans, players and creators. Players can collect NFTs, based on trophies, events, and locations through 3D replicas of the stadiums. Through their in-game activities and non-fungible tokens, players can obtain real-life perks such as match tickets, T-shirts, access to matchmaking events, or “money can’t buy” experiences.

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In Football at AlphaVerse, fans will use the $FAV utility token, which will be made available on the Chiliz Chain. The total supply is 11 billion tokens, which will be made available to users gradually.

The partnership will also create a new utility for Fan Token holders on Socios.com, Chiliz’s sharing and rewards app. They will be able to play and compete within the FAV world and get exclusive benefits, including digital merchandise and prizes. $FAV Tokens will also be paired with some existing Chiliz Series Fan Tokens. More details about the Chiliz Labs-CBI partnership will be revealed soon.

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