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Chevrolet Tracker sold in Brazil has a seat belt that catches fire

By issuing an emergency statement on Friday (April 14), Latin NCAP has found a potentially fatal flaw in the Chevrolet Tracker. The compact SUV produced and sold in Brazil has a faulty front seat belt pre-tensioner that can cause a serious fire.

“The Latin NCAP found a fire risk in front seat belt pretensioners fitted to the base of the B-pillar in lab tests of the Chevrolet Trakker in crash situations. A fire risk occurred in collisions where the pretensioners were activated,” the agency said in its statement.

This problem was already alerted by Chevrolet itself, which promoted the recall a year ago. The tracker tested was recalled by NCAP Latin, but the problem persists. According to the agency, in the event of an impact, the difficulty of releasing the seat belt buckle with the usual mechanisms is also another point of alert.

Chevrolet Tracker [divulgação]

Latin NCAP recommends that owners of Chevrolet Trackers produced in Brazil take precautions and that “Latin NCAP” publish results for all models evaluated. However, in this case, these potentially risky situations are the absolute priority.

Chevrolet Call Tracker

With the announcement of the NCAP Latin Program, Chevrolet called for a new recall for the Tracker. The LB900009 chassis NB202060 with manufacturing dates between 10/25/2019 and 04/05/2022 can now go to the brand’s dealerships for repairs lasting up to 2.5 hours. As a solution, Chevrolet will install a visor in carpet soundproofing and pre-tensioners.

Chevrolet Tracker
Chevrolet Tracker [divulgação]

It should be noted that no GM model has yet been crash-tested with the new safety protocols, and only the Volkswagen Taos has received five stars so far. The old fashioned way, Chevrolet has five stars on the Onix and Onix Plus only.

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