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Cheaper Electricity Bill Starting Today: Check Your Situation

Cheaper Electricity Bill Starting Today: Check Your Situation

Positive news is announced! Now, residents of the states of São Paulo will feel a good relief, as electricity bills will decrease by about 2.2%. This great information was released by Aneel, to the relief of consumers across the state.

But this good news also extends to other places. Thus, the federal units of Tocantins and Parana will also benefit from lower energy prices. In this way, the energy companies Energisa, from Tocantins, and Cocel, from Paraná, will also see a significant drop in their tariff values.

Cheaper electric bill! Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br


Starting next Tuesday (4), residents of Tocantins will be able to enjoy this discount, as well as consumers in São Paulo. In this way, it is expected that more than 8 million consumer units will benefit from such measures in the three countries mentioned above.

It is important to note that the reduction will not be the same for all types of consumers, varying according to the voltage class. For high voltage consumers, the average reset will be 6.10%, while for low voltage consumers it will be 0.97%.

It is worth noting that home consumers will benefit from a tariff reduction of approximately 0.90%. Meanwhile, Cocel, which operates in Campo Largo, in the Curitiba metropolitan area, will have an average cut of 3.89%.

It is important to note that this discount will only apply to high voltage customers, who will receive a huge discount of 14.42%. Unfortunately, for low-voltage consumers, like most homes, the electric bill will increase by about 3.70%, while the adjustment for households will be 3.45%. Consumers will only feel this change in their upcoming electricity bills.

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Therefore, good news has been announced for the residents of São Paulo, Tocantins and Paraná. It will reduce electricity bills on average by 2.2% in São Paulo and also in other states. The reduction varies according to the voltage class, being 6.10% for high voltage consumers and 0.97% for low voltage consumers.

Residential consumers will see a decline of 0.91%, while Cocel of Paraná will see an average decline of 3.89%. However, only high voltage customers will get a huge discount of 14.42%. Unfortunately, low voltage consumers will see an increase of approximately 3.70% in their electricity bills. These changes will take effect on your future electricity bills.

In this way, some consumers will benefit greatly from the novelty of reducing their electricity bill. This is because the constant increases in the account affect all Brazilians, especially those with low incomes. Thus, some people need to turn to government programs for reductions in their bills or complete waiver of fees.

Therefore, any announcement of cuts in electricity bills helps all Brazilians, especially the poor. Therefore, it is necessary to keep up with the news about any fee waiver on accounts and social programs that offer this kind of help and tips to reduce account value.

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