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The president talks about Ricardinho’s departure from Paysando

On the eve of the classic film Remo X Paysandu, the scenes boil over the sides of Curuzu Stadium and he has the right to hire his famous name in crisis.

Midfielder Ricardinho signed the gold medal by Paysanduhad asked to leave Coruso before the decision was made against Liao, last Sunday (2), but the truth of the facts with President Mauricio Ettinger, who spoke about the matter on Monday (4).

According to the manager, there is no information that the athlete would have asked to leave the club. And the matter emerged after the player left the classic last Sunday (3), in the 30th minute of the first half due to an injury.

Until today, the athlete will be evaluated by the medical department in Paysandu to find out the injury and whether he will be able to play in the second leg, on Wednesday (6), at Kuruozu Stadium.

This information was also denied by Fred Gomez, CEO of Paysandu. “It’s not true,” he says. “It’s a lie.”

Riccardinho has arrived to make history in Paysandu

In the classic match played on a two-tone stadium, for the qualifying stage, the athlete felt a thigh injury in the second half when the Bogeman was better in the match. The interesting thing is that he left the field and the team showed a drop in performance as in yesterday’s match.

In 2022, Riccardinho played 11 of the 12 games Paysandu played and was disqualified in only one match. He scored two goals and played 729 minutes this season.

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The player’s wife said on social media that the information about his departure was false news.

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