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CBLOL 2021: Rensga mocks goalkeeper after calling him 'the turtle in the tree'

CBLOL 2021: Rensga mocks goalkeeper after calling him ‘the turtle in the tree’

NS A flamingo was run over by Red Kalonga In the semi-finals of the CBLOL 2021 And again, it was the one who made an offer on social networks Renja, which was also ranked for the semi-finals. Ranger, a flamingo hunter, called the team “a turtle in the tree,” and soon paid for a picture of a turtle wearing the organization’s classic hat.

Rensga at first in CBLOL is like a turtle on a tree, you don’t know how you got there, but you know it will fall in the end”, published The player is on June 6, at the start of the regular tournament stage.

After the flamingo was eliminated, it didn’t take long for the organization to repay:

Remember, this isn’t the first time that Ranger has mocked the Ranger. When the team won the FLA title on the regular stage of CBLOL, the organization posted a video of the Ranger, the car that “makes a lot of noise and leaves dirt wherever it goes.” paying off:

Rensga no CBLOL 2021

Photo: Reproduction / Resga

a Renja is the biggest surprise of CBLOL 2021’s second split. After revamping their squad and hiring two South Koreans, they Best second round campaign From the competition, he lost only one game.

Goiás dominated LOUD in the first series of the quarter-finals of the tournament and will now play against paiN Gaming on August 21. It is worth remembering that the team will commute the suspension for one time Akshan showed ON SELECTION SCREEN IN SERIAL VS LOUD.

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