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Cash: R0, R0, and R0 in 2021;  See how you get it

Cash: R$100, R$200, and R$300 in 2021; See how you get it

Since the creation of the application square hisCaixa Econômica Federal offers some features to convert it to Banco Digital. The Foundation platform was initially created to serve as a tool for conveying the benefits of government social programs, such as first aid.

A line of microloans will be issued to individuals in the application with values ​​ranging from R$100, R$200 and R$300. The president of Caixa, Pedro Guimarães, says the goal is to turn Caixa Tem into a useful app for Brazilian citizens.

Low-income individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) will also be able to rely on larger loans of up to R$5,000, to be used as working capital in the business. Microcredit has already been in the way of promise since last year, but now, it will actually be launched,

Additionally, Caixa will be launching a sweepstakes campaign at Caixa Tem. Prizes will go up to R$250,000 for app users. According to the information, Caixa and Visa have teamed up to promote this promotion, with the aim of encouraging recipients to use the electronic transaction functionality.

Thus, withdrawals will only be made with citizens who use the online debit card option provided by the platform.

Lottery Prizes

  • About 1,400 prepaid cards will be drawn with values ​​between R$50, R$100 and R$250 each;
  • A minimum of four monthly prepaid card draws of R$10,000 each will be drawn;
  • Lucky numbers can also be used to draw the final grand prize, which refers to a gold certificate worth R$250,000. Caixa suggests using this money to buy a popular home and cars.
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How to participate?

Initially, interested parties must register on the Vai de Visa platform. After completing this registration, simply use the online Caixa Tem debit card and for every four purchases made, the beneficiary gets a lucky number to participate.

Note that there is no maximum number of purchases. Therefore, the more you use the card, the more lucky numbers and the higher your chances of winning.

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