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FGTS emergency withdrawal of R$1,100 planned for 2021?  |  Accounting Gazette Network

FGTS emergency withdrawal of R$1,100 planned for 2021? | Accounting Gazette Network

The emergency withdrawal from FGTS has been awaited by workers who were able to access the feature in 2020 and they expect a new round as well in 2021.

However, the government has not shown any interest in releasing the emergency loot so far.

Emergency withdrawal of FGTS

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At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, the federal government issued emergency FGTS withdrawals to workers who had an active account balance (current employment) and inactive (previous employment) in the Employment Compensation Fund.

The withdrawal limit was up to one minimum wage, regardless of the amount of the balance in the worker’s account. In 2020, the salary was R$1,045. The calendar is created according to the month of birth of the workers. There was no minimum withdrawal limit.

At the end of 2020, the expectation was to release the 2021 FGTS emergency withdrawal, as the government ended the payment of emergency aid and other emergency programs. It ended up not being released.

Will the emergency withdrawal be released?

Getting straight to the point, no! Unfortunately, after a long wait and little information about the procedure, at the beginning of the month the Ministry of Economy sent a note stating that the government had no intention of releasing the loot this year.

The emergency FGTS ended up being pulled aside, as the government preferred to implement a new round of emergency aid, anticipating the thirteenth salary for the INSS. The government’s plans now focus on the Bolsa Família, which should have new value by the end of the year.

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Therefore, it is unlikely that the emergency withdrawal of the FGTS will be issued in 2021. There is concern on the part of the government that the new issuance of the balance may harm the sustainability of the fund, which makes the release of the procedure even more so for this year. composite.

Editing by Jorge Roberto Rigit Cunha – Journalist Contapel