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Casa do Porco is among the top 10 restaurants in the world in 2022

Casa do Porco won, for the first time, a place among the top 10 restaurants in the world. The house of Chefs Janaina and Jefferson Rueda took seventh place in the ranking – the best place for a Brazilian restaurant on the list of the 50 best restaurants of 2022. In last year’s edition, the restaurant was in 17th place, an astonishing 10 places from the top. year to the next.

The Awards Ceremony, led by North American actor Stanley Tucci, who brought together great names in global gastronomy, was held on Monday, 18th, in London, United Kingdom.

Denmark’s Geranium was named the World’s Best Restaurant in 2022 (see full ranking below). Under the leadership of Chef Rasmus Kofoed and located on the eighth floor of a building in central Copenhagen, the house has a privileged view of Fælledparken, one of the main parks in the Danish capital. The rurally landscaped address isn’t just an opportunity, as nature is the inspiration for Kofoed’s composed menu, based on seasonal ingredients.

From Lima, Peru, the second place is taken by chefs Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon. The house rose two places in relation to the latter, removing the favoritism of Spaniard Asador Etxebari, who was one of the first-place quotes, and this year, it slipped to sixth place.

Spanish restaurant Disfrutar took last place on the podium, led by a trio of chefs Matteo Casanas, Oriol Castro and Edward Zatroch, who met in the kitchen of the legendary Ferran Adria-designed Boli Restaurant. In the restaurant located in Barcelona, ​​they serve a menu inspired by the Mediterranean.

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Proving expectations, Oteque, by chef Alberto Landgrave, has been named a second Brazilian among the world’s 50 best. The restaurant located in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, won the 47th place and appears for the first time in this part of the list. The house opened in 2017, joined the rankings in 2019, at number 100, and since then, it has only climbed up the positions.

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Check out the 10 best tidy homes

1 – geranium, Copenhagen, Denmark; geranium. dk

2 – central Lima, Peru; Centralaurante.com.pe

3. Enjoy Barcelona, ​​Spain. enjoybarcelona.com

4 – Difrexo Madrid, Spain; diverxo.com

5 – Pujol Mexico City, Mexico; pujol.com.mx

6 – Asador Etxebarri Atxondo, Spain; asadoretxebari.com

7 – Casa do Porco Sao Paulo, Brazil; acasadoporco.com.br

8 – Lido 84 Gardone Riviera, Italy; ristorantelido84.com

9 – Quintonel Mexico City, Mexico; quintanil.com

10 – Le Calander Rubano, Italy; bit.ly/calandre-it