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Carlos Miguel steals the show in his first public appearance as a Corinthians player

Carlos Miguel steals the show in his first public appearance as a Corinthians player

Goalkeeper Carlos Miguel Corinthians represented on Tuesday for the first time since his signing in August. He was the athlete chosen to participate in 2022 Sao Paulo Championship group draw, at the headquarters of the Football Association in São Paulo, which stole most of the interest there.

Without a formal presentation of the athlete, the only person hired in the middle of the year who did not have this official access, Timão sent him to be in charge of one of the pots in the lottery. Both adults had an athlete on stage alongside announcers Fred and Sabrina Sato. Carlos took pot 3.

“Hi, are you a basketball player?” , asked him one of the television cameras present at the event when he saw a giant 2m04 exploding across the hall. “Position: Axis,” another guest continued, seated straight ahead. Carlos, who was cheerful, smiled, and sat down to follow the ceremony.

“Now let’s call him, he’s too young…” Sabrina joked before calling the goalkeeper to the party. Farid, who is known for his participation in the popular Desimpedidos YouTube channel, added. “We had to change all the cameras to film you, Carlos (laughs).”

And it’s not about a few VIP guests at the event. Besides goalkeeper Alfinegro, by the way, was Weaverton, an athlete for Palmeiras and for the Seleção national team. Sao Paulo midfielder Luan and Santos striker Lucas Braga were the other two representatives.

The only player not yet playing for the club, Carlos did not hesitate when asked who he would like to face on his debut for Corinthians. “Palm trees,” he said succinctly, drawing a certain look of astonishment and approbation from Weverton. After that, he confirmed that he sees Corinth as the preferred candidate for classification in his group.

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After the event, Carlos toured the space reserved for the press and guests, responded to the request for photos and showed sympathy. Asked rudder If he was willing to give an interview, he hesitated, but didn’t take long to accept it.

The conversation was quite relaxing with the goalkeeper, who still had time to give Lucas Braga a hug. “Thank you partner, nice to meet you,” said Al Santos.

Also attending the event, President Duilio Monteiro Alves laughed when asked if the archer could speak to the press. “Sure, man,” he said. “But be careful with questions I can’t hold back, no.”

Carlos, a fan of Dida, is waiting for the opportunity to work amid the opportunities of Cassio and Matthews Donnelly. The country, which actually stole the show on the show, is drawing as the most likely contender for this one in 2022.

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