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With the Atlético-MG Champion looming after 50 years, what have been the biggest breaks in major tournaments around the world

With the Atlético-MG Champion looming after 50 years, what have been the biggest breaks in major tournaments around the world

Atlético-MG needs to beat Bahia, this Thursday (2), in Salvador, to end 50 years of fasting without winning the Brazilian Championship. The title of Alvenegro was only in 1971

NS Atletico MG He is to a stark victory In the fan’s throat for 50 years. This Thursday (2), Team Hulk has another chance to confirm the title Brazilian Championship.

To do this, you only need to defeat Bahia At Arena Fonte Nova, at 6 pm (from Brasilia).

Winning the Brazilian Championship is a sports obsession, like It was the only club title in the championship in 1971, just the first of the so-called modern era of competition. they are 78 points this season compared to 70 Act flamingoThe runner-up, and the only one with a remote chance of ruining the Vinegra party.

Once they confirm the trophy, Atlético-MG will leave a very uncomfortable group: a group The biggest fasting in the major soccer leagues in the world. And who stays on Roster’s leaving list?

See below for great fonts of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Holland, England, Italy, Portugal, Uruguay.

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If only the “ Bundesliga Era `, which was created in 1962, is counted, the largest speed belongs to Munich 1860, champion of the 1965/66 season. But in the pre-league period, the club with the longest place in the standings was Union Berlin, champion in the distant 1905.

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Other historical types of fasting in Germany are: Freiburg (1907), Grather Fuerth (1929), Hertha Berlin (1931), Fortuna Dusseldorf (1933), Dresdner (1944), Mannheim (1949), Hanover (1954), Root Vice Essen (1955), Schalke 04 (1958), Borussia Monchengladbach (1976/77), Cologne (1977/78) H Hamburg (1982/83).


Among the old and new formats, the club with the longest place in the ranking of national titles in Argentine football is Chacarita Juniors, champion of 1969.

There are also other clubs that haven’t celebrated in a while. These are cases Tornado (1973), Quilms (1978), Vero Karel (1984), Rosario Central (1986/87) to independent (2002).


The longest running time in the Brazilian championships goes back to Atlético-MG, where the cup has not gone to the club since 1971. If he wins the title tonight, Galo will leave top of the table for the club. GuaraniAnd Champion of 1978.

Then it appears: international (1979), Curitiba (1985), sports (1987), Bahia (1988), Botafogo (1995) H Syndicate (1996).


In Spanish football there are very few champion clubs: only nine. Therefore, the longest fasting belongs to Pettiswinner in Season 1934/35.

Behind Denilson’s former team, Marcos Asuncao and many other Brazilians appear Seville (1945/46), real community (1981/82) AH Athletic Bilbao (1983/84).


What is curious in France is that the Great Fasting dates back to the long-extinct clubs: Olympique Liloes, champion 1932/33, and Robaix Turquin, cup holder 1946/47.

Among the active teams, the longest line belongs to Racing Club, Champion 1935/36 This day argues the amateur divisions in the country. Other bad brands are: Socho (1937/38), set (1938/39), cute – good (1958/59), Reims (1961/62), Strasbourg (1978/79) H Saint-Etienne (1980/81).

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Another case that the waiting list belongs to those who play amateur teams today: HVV The HagueAnd Champion of 1913/14 And he never lifted the National Cup again. There is also a file RAP, winner in 1898/99, but extinct in 1914.

To complete the streak, there are two teams who have not won the Dutch first division in a while: go ahead eagleBC (1932/33) AH Sparta Rotterdam (1958/59).


In the hottest soccer on the planet today, the biggest drought is Preston North End, Champion of 1889/90, before creating a file Premier League. The team is currently in championshipWhich represents the second section.

Among the country’s top clubs, they also live in line: Sheffield United (1897/98) West Brom (1919/20), Newcastle (1926/27), Sunderland (1935/36), Tottenham (1960/61), Nottingham Forest (1977/78) Aston Villa (1980/81) AH Everton (1986/87).


NS Casal, is currently in the fourth national class, and has the longest fast in Italian Championship. The club was a champion in Season 1913/14.

Since then, other clubs have created a long line. are they: Genoa (1923/24), Bologna (1963/64), Fiorentina (1968/69), Cagliari (1969/70) H Turin (1975/76). current season leader Naples He tries his first title since the 1989/90 season.


As in Spain, the number of Portuguese champions is small: only five clubs. The “title” of the longest fast belongs to Belainensiswho won it Last time in 1945/1946. Then good view, in a 2000/01, while the Sporting, the defending champion, broke last season a Series 19 years without the league.


In Uruguayan football, the person who has not lifted the national championship for a long time is River Plate since 1914. Other important fasts belong to Rambla Juniors (1927) e Montevideo Wanderers (1931).

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