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'You must be calm.  arrived now '

‘You must be calm. arrived now ‘

Even fighting for the Libertadores Championship twice, Abel Ferreira was criticized by Emerson Sheik, who said he needed to get the team to play.

Abel Ferreira is back to decide Libertadores Konmebol Such as Palm trees, this time against flamingo, on November 27, with full coverage and a final broadcast on ESPN on Star+. But the Portuguese style angered some former players.

Who did not agree with the method of Abel Ferreira was Emerson Elder. According to the former striker of CorinthiansThe Flemish and Fluminense“No one can take it anymore,” Commander. In addition, the sheikh stated that Abel needed to “keep silent,” because he “has arrived now.”

“No one can take Abel anymore. He loses and talks badly, comes up with small talk. Mr. Abel, on behalf of the press, what’s the hate program? What do you mean by that phrase? He should make his team play, win trophies and calm down,” the sheikh fired , during the Arena SBT, completed.

He concluded, “When something goes wrong, it creates this whole situation. But you’re here now. He’s angry, he’s annoying, even your players are really upset with you, because you talk so much about nonsense.”

In 2020, his first season, which is not yet complete, in Brazilian football, the Portuguese coach was crowned the Libertadores champion and Brazil Cup.

This year, he was deputy Paulista Championship, Act clubs World Cup, Recopa Sudamericana and Supercopa do Brasil, in addition to being, currently, second in the Brazilian.

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