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Can I get the full balance in the Christmas raffle?

FGTS birthday withdrawal is a feature that works like this: anyone who joins can make annual withdrawals from FGTS accounts, inactive – from previous jobs, and active. Given these facilities, the big doubt people often have is whether it is possible to pay the entire FGTS balance in a Christmas draw, or if there is a limit on the amount. Below, check the answer.

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FGTS: Can I get all the credit in the Christmas raffle?

In short, the Christmas draw is not the entire account balance. And yes, the percentage changes according to the amount available. Accounts with a value of up to 500 BRL will receive 50% of the balance released for withdrawal, at the same time, the higher the value in the account, the lower the percentage that the worker will be able to withdraw annually.

Additionally, opting out of Christmas is not mandatory. Therefore, the worker can choose to do so if he wants to. However, there are some important points to consider. Meaning, if you are fired, you will not be able to access all the funds in your account, as is usually the case. In this case, the worker has the right to pay a fine of 40%, in addition to rights such as prior notice, among other things. The FGTS balance continues to be withdrawn in annual instalments.

What is the benefit amount?

There are some ranges of credits for FGTS accounts. The percentage of Christmas loot is specified for each of them. Accounts with a value of more than 500 BRL will receive a fixed amount: the worker can withdraw, in addition to the specified percentage, the predetermined amount.

Below, check out the following table, which shows how much each worker can withdraw from each account they have, depending on their balance:

balance ranges an average Fixed additional premium
Up to 500 BRL 50%
From 500.01 BRL to 1000 BRL 40% 50 BRL
From 1,000.01 Brazilian Real to 5 thousand Brazilian Real 30% 150 BRL
From 5000.01 Brazilian Real to 10 thousand Brazilian Real 20% 650 BRL
From 10000.01 Brazilian Real to 15 thousand Brazilian Real 15% 1.150 Brazilian Real
From 15.000.01 Brazilian Real to 20 thousand Brazilian Real 10% 1,900 BRL
Above 20,000.01 BRL 5% 2,900 BRL

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