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Cametá School hosts the “Science and Technology Caravan” and scientific activities

Cametá School hosts the “Science and Technology Caravan” and scientific activities

Sectet highlights that the activities encourage and improve students in their technical education career journey

Written by Lillian Guedes (SECTET)

03/04/2024 at 12:41 pm

From April 1 to 5, the Science and Technology Caravan (CCT), coordinated by the Secretariat of Science, Technology, Higher, Vocational and Technological Education (SECTET), carries out various scientific activities and experiments at the Technical Education College (EETEPA) of the municipality of Cameta, in the Baixo-Tocantins integration area.

The activities aim to promote and encourage various activities in the technical and scientific field to develop knowledge and encourage students in their professional journey.

In the Kamita unit, in addition to registered students, students from schools in the area had the opportunity to visit the space and interact during the activities.

For the institution's director, the Caravana Project is an absolutely necessary measure for the students' academic path.

“It is an exceptional project, because it gives young people, practically, the opportunity to come into contact with science and technology, through items that are being introduced into classrooms and everyday textbooks that everyone can now experience. It is a redefinition of the school itself and a great incentive for our young people, who They are increasingly demanding in teaching and learning processes.”

Many workshops will be held throughout the days to explain to students the development of technology and education, such as robotics, modeling and 3D printing, in addition to entrepreneurship, audio-visual aids and cell phone application development.

In addition, the project contains a science exhibition and spaces that discuss virtual reality, rocket launches, the solar system, human anatomy, and various topics that permeate education related to the two axes of science and technology.

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