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By focusing on agriculture, Azul is strengthening its presence in the Midwest

By focusing on agriculture, Azul is strengthening its presence in the Midwest


For the company, the connection to the region helps with economic and social development

An average of 70 flights per day blue It serves 17 destinations in central-west Brazil, connecting municipalities in the region known as Agricultural productionTo more than 150 destinations in the country, and for the company’s General Manager of Network Planning and Strategy, Vitor Silva, this connectivity helps in economic and social development.

“It is a rich region that helps drive Brazil’s GDP. With our extensive and connected network, a producer can go meet investors from other states within a few hours, traveling with Azul.”

Victor Silva

Matto GrossoAzul, the largest soybean-producing state in the country, has eight routes, focusing on flights between Sorriso (MT), the city that produces the most soybeans in Brazil, and the capital, Cuiaba (MT). From there, customers can travel to 15 other destinations, such as Campinas (SP), Guarulhos (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR) and others. But determining routes is not an easy task and requires several months of study and planning. “We look at important data that could indicate strong demand,” explains Silva, “for example, information from the IBGE census, in which we check the population growth of municipalities, their agricultural and industrial production, their GDP per capita, among other indicators.” “.

Kurumba, in Mato Grosso do Sul, has one of the largest cattle herds in Brazil and has three weekly flights to Bonito, where customers can fly via the connection to Campinas (SP), which serves more than 60 destinations. In the state, in addition to Corumba, Azul has four other destinations: Campo Grande, Ponta Porra, Bonito, and Tres Lagoas. The most notable landmark in Goiás is the city of Rio Verde, a major soybean producer in the state and which hosts the Technosho Agricultural Fairs. The municipality receives two flights daily from Campinas (SP). state capital, GoianiaIt has 14 daily flights to Campinas (SP), Recife (PE), Belo Horizonte (MG) and five other destinations. There are still flights in the state from Caldas Novas to Campinas (SP), and as of November 4, there will be flights from the city to Belo Horizonte (MG) once a week.

In the Federal DistrictThe capital, Brasilia, has daily flights to airports such as Congonhas (SP), Campinas (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Recife (PE) and Cuiaba (MT).

According to the CEO bluethe Expanding the network in agribusiness areas is strategic. “We are the company that flies to most destinations in Brazil and we are always looking for new opportunities. For us, it is important to cooperate for sustainable growth in many regions, and the Central-West region is characterized by long distances between cities, airports with good infrastructure, as well as Great commercial potential, which makes the area attractive.

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