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Britta Gill says she underwent a hysterectomy for bowel cancer surgery: ‘Every day, every time’ |  Sao Paulo

Britta Gill says she underwent a hysterectomy for bowel cancer surgery: ‘Every day, every time’ | Sao Paulo

Brita Gil in hospital after surgery to remove a tumor – Image: Reproductive / Social Networks

She said that in addition to the tumor, the doctors removed her uterus. The procedure is known as a total hysterectomy. According to the artist, the surgery was extensive and complex and took more than 14 hours.

“Now one day at a time! Today I’ve been able to sit still and I’m still here fighting. God is so good!!!” said the singer.

The last medical bulletin for Brita Gel was released by the hospital on Thursday (17th). In it, the medical team stated that the surgery was uneventful and that the singer was awake in “good general condition” and “with normal clinical parameters” in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Moments before the procedure, Britta posted on her profile that she was calm and confident with the doctors.

Post by Flora Gil after Brita Gil’s surgery to remove a tumor – Image: Reproduction/Social Networking

“I will now have surgery to remove the tumor. Here I am surrounded by love, with my son Francisco Gil, by my side and many friends and family. I am grateful and calm. I am very confident in the doctors. God is right. I will receive energy and positive vibes from you. Pray for me.”

The post received hundreds of comments from celebrities, including Ivete Sangalo. “Santa Dulles is with you, I love you,” the singer wrote.

Brita Gil posts a photo with her son Francisco Gil before undergoing surgery to remove a tumor – Image: Reproduction / Social Networks

Bowel cancer treatment

“I was so resigned. I understood from the first moment that life was giving me a sign of something. I never thought it was something that would bring me down. I understood that it was something that would change me,” he said.

Britta recalls that the symptoms began to appear when she was celebrating the life of her father, Gilberto Gil, at the age of 80, on an international tour. “I got sick at two shows. I couldn’t do a show in Berlin and a show in England.”

“I have never placed so much value on life, on the faith that moves me. Every day I want to honor more of this opportunity to be alive and recover. A serious illness, but it won’t knock me down, it won’t take me away. I won’t die from this, I’m sure,” said Britta. That I’m going to live a long time and we still party a lot.

Majou Coutinho and Britta Gil – Photo: Reproduction