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British Cringe comedy “Hapless” premieres on Peacock in the US

British Cringe comedy “Hapless” premieres on Peacock in the US

private: Awkward comedy in the United Kingdom have Abad luck From director Gary Senior (bachelor, Lyon pig farmer) will be released in the US on Peacock on April 10.

All 14 episodes from seasons one and two will be available. There's a trailer above.

have Abad luck Follows the adventures of Paul Green (starring foreign And Good news 2 Actor Tim Downey) is a freelance journalist who works for the fourth largest Jewish publication in the United Kingdom. In both seasons have Abad luck Follow Paul and his constant ability to get into the strangest situations.

Also starring Jenny Spark (Black mirror), Mike Fenton Stevens (Slow horses) and comedian Josh Hoey. Guest stars include Sally Phillips (vice president(And Nick Sango)Marvel Agents of SHIE.).

The sitcom has been described as similar in style to the popular American series Curb enthusiasm. It was previously available on Prime in the UK and Viaplay in some international territories.

“very have Abad luck “Senior has always aimed to bring audiences together through fun comedy,” he said. “Peacock has been a great partner, bringing my quirky blend of British/Jewish humor to America, home of long-running classic sitcoms. I hope my own version will appeal to our American cousins ​​left, right and centre. Honestly, you might just laugh.”


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