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Ludmila's mother defends her daughter after the Verojim video: “This is an achievement”

Ludmila's mother defends her daughter after the Verojim video: “This is an achievement”


Ludmila's mother defends her daughter after Verojim video: “I'm losing my admiration”

Silvana Oliveira, Ludmila's mother, has decided to speak out on social media about Ferrugem's leaked video, as it appears to criticize the singer. In the photos, the singer expressed his disagreement with the sexual content of the song “Sintomas de Prazer,” which was broadcast on the radio at the time of recording.

“She wants to be a pagoda hunter. She wants to be a stone thrower. And all the kids love her. Come on, slow down,” he commented.

With the fallout from the video, the mother appeared on Instagram Stories to comment on El Bagodero's speech.

“Rust, I've always respected you, I've always admired you as an artist. I lost my admiration for you here. My respect will continue because I'm the kind of person who always respects humans. But I wanted to make it happen.” It is very clear that this stone you are quoting, you have a feat with it,” she began.

Sylvanas also praised the heiress. “This stone that you are referring to, she also has a family. She has a grandmother and a mother, and through her talent she has been able to give her family dignity. [Ela] She has responsibility, gets up early, doesn't run away from a fight, and is a fierce fighter. And the fact that you are angry that the children like her, she complains to God.”

“It doesn't go down our throats, does it? Just because you're straight doesn't mean your family deserves more respect than mine,” she concluded sarcastically.

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After unfollowing Ludmila, Verojem speaks out about the controversial video

The leaked recording of his wife, Tais Vasconcelos' private profile, has got people talking on social media. With the criticism, Verugem was keen to clarify his position.

“You know it was a joke, otherwise you wouldn't have posted it, right? I'm thinking about how evil some people are when they raise the issue. I said this because I was taking girls to school and listening to 'on the radio,' and then her voice came out and they asked what a pussy is.” Then you saw it, didn't you? But if it was to force a fight, they would have failed. God bless you and have a nice night,” he wrote in a comment on social media.

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