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Brazilians could withdraw more than R$7 billion in 2024 and not know

Brazilians could withdraw more than R$7 billion in 2024 and not know

More than R$7.5 billion is available in “Amounts Receivable” For the central bank. According to the foundation, about 40 million individuals can withdraw forgotten funds Bank accounts. In the case of legal entities, more than 3 million have abandoned amounts in accounts. However, not everyone has funds to collect, and it is necessary to check the possibility of this on the Central Bank's website.

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In this way, the organization warns of fraud attempts as the system returns. As announced, consumers should ignore messages received via WhatsApp and not click on links sent from unknown numbers. It is worth noting that all services provided by “Valores a Receivable” are 100% free.

Furthermore, the Central Bank does not send links or contact consumers to discuss forgotten amounts or confirm personal data. As a result, only the institutions specified in the system can contact citizens.

How to execute query in due values ​​system?

Of the 40 million people, about 31 million will receive amounts up to R$10, another 12.3 million will receive up to R$100, while 4.7 million people are entitled to amounts between R$100.01 and R$1,000.00. Brazilian. Amounts exceeding one thousand riyals will be deposited for only about 850,000 people.

To see if you have any forgotten value, simply check Location of due values. Report to CPF or CPNJ to determine if there are forgotten values. For heirs or legal representatives, it will be necessary to report the date of birth of the deceased.

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If there is any amount to be withdrawn, the user must save the date notified by the system. Therefore, it is preferable to pay via Pix. If a withdrawal is requested without indicating the Pix Key, the relevant financial institution must contact the citizen to make the transfer.