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Brazil needs 70% vaccination in December

Brazil needs 70% vaccination in December

70% of the population in Brazil is vaccinated Govit-19 Until December, if you maintain the current average of one million doses per day. This rate is considered optimal to control the spread of the vaccine virus. However, experts say the country needs to overcome problems such as unexpectedly administering vaccines and adhering to the 2nd dose less.

About 147 million Brazilians need to be completely vaccinated to achieve this coverage. Between purchases and donations, Brazil will have 41 million doses of Jansen by the end of this year, single use – 3.8 million has already arrived. A further 106 million people need to be vaccinated on the two-dose schedule. In total, 70% of the population must use 253 million doses for immunization.

Considering that Brazil has already used about 115.7 million vaccines – between the 1st dose, the 2nd dose and the single dose – we still need to use another 137.3 million doses. The data came from the Ministry of Health and may be out of date. The country is vaccinating one million people a day, on average, at least once a month. Therefore, based on the planned deliveries for the coming months, it is estimated that this amount will be maintained.

“Brazilians want to be vaccinated, and it is clear,” said Isabella Pallal, vice president of the Brazilian Immunization Association. “Therefore, the factor that can really affect the evolution of the immunization campaign is the advent of vaccines.”

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Earlier this year, the health ministry was criticized for delaying the purchase of vaccines. Later, problems with the arrival of raw materials delayed the transfers. “The table of our sizes is complex,” says epidemiologist Esprito Santo Ethel Magel of the Federal University, who believes 70% of December is “the best case”.