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Waymo begins offering rides to US employees

By Hyunjoo Jin

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Albany’s Vemo said Wednesday it has begun offering driverless self-driving vehicles to employees in San Francisco.

Waymo has also introduced self-driving car rides with security drivers for employees in Phoenix. The company aims to open tests to the general public.

Waymo did not elaborate on when it plans to charge customers. The company has already applied for a regulatory license.

Waymo, one of the pioneers of self-driving technology, was born as a project at Google in 2009 and launched the first driverless riding service in the United States in 2020, more than a decade ago.

Although it offers fare rides to hundreds of people a week using Chrysler minivans, Waymo’s service does not extend beyond the 50 square miles of Phoenix suburbs.

In August, Waymo began offering free self-driving tours with security drivers to a limited number of people in San Francisco.

Cruise, a rival to General Motors’ partner, plans to seek approval this year to charge for ride-healing services in self-driving self-driving cars.

(By Hyunjoo Jin)

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