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Google Maps has been accused of suggesting a 'dangerous' route to the highest mountain in the UK

Google Maps has been accused of suggesting a ‘dangerous’ route to the highest mountain in the UK

Experts say that even the most experienced climbers will find it difficult to travel to the top of Mount Ben Nevis in Scotland, which is proposed by Google.

The Google Maps service provides a dangerous path for anyone who wants to climb the highest mountain in the UK, Scottish Ben Nevis, at an altitude of 1,345 meters.

“Depending on how someone is looking for a way out [de Ben Nevis], Google Maps will guide you in a straight line very close to the top of the mountain, which indicates that the route described by the experts is ‘very dangerous’. Warning Heather Morning, safety consultant for Mountaineering Scotland, a Scottish mountaineering organization.

The consultant says it will be difficult for more experienced climbers to follow this route. “This path goes through very steep, rocky and unpaved terrain, where even with good visibility it is difficult to find a safe path. Add low clouds and rain and the path recommended by Google [Maps] Dangerous, “he says.

They found that Google Maps sends pedestrians on a “dangerous” path to the highest mountain in the UK. The path to the top of Ben Nevis, proposed by the use of the map, is difficult even for the most experienced mountaineer.

A Google spokesman said the matter would be investigated. “We have created Google Maps with security and reliability in mind and are quick to investigate routing issues in Ben Nevis. […]. In addition to using reliable data and high definition images to update the map, we also encourage local organizations to provide geographic information about roads and routes through our Geographic Data Uploader tool, ”the official said. Quoted The Guardian newspaper Friday (16).

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But the only place where the ways of use are unbelievable is Ben Nevis, warns Morning. Nowadays, it is very easy to assume that the information on the internet is good, accurate, up-to-date and secure. Unfortunately, experience shows that this is not the case and there have been many incidents recently […] The internet has caused injuries or worse, ”the consultant assured, advising people who want to go through hills and mountains to check with a local guide first or see special maps.