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Brazil is the third country in the world that uses social networking (get it!)

Brazil is the third country in the world that uses social networking (get it!)

According to a study conducted by comScoreBrazil is the third country in the world that uses social networks the most. In all, there are about 131.506 million active accounts across the country. Of this total, there are around 127.4 million unique users of these platforms, which is 96.9%.

In the company’s survey, data and information were collected from countries such as India, Brazil, Indonesia, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France. However, the study indicated that about 356 billion minutes were consumed on social networks in Brazil in December 2022.

Thus, the estimate is that Brazilian users spent 46 hours connected to social networks per month. It is worth noting that the use of these platforms exceeds the use of other websites for services, entertainment, work, companies, retail and financial institutions.

The social networks most accessed by Brazilian users are Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Similarly, the reach of these platforms is 96.4%, 85.1%, and 81.4%, respectively. Then, sites that also stand out in the country, with thousands of followers, are TikTok, Kwai, and Twitter.

time spent on social networks

With regard to consumption time, that is, the period during which the user uses social networks, Instagram stands out, with consumption of more than 14 hours per month, and YouTube, with a monthly consumption of about 12 hours. In fact, they are the audience champions among the most popular platforms.

Then comes TIK TOK with 9 and a half hours, Facebook with 9 hours, Kwai with 7 hours, Twitter with almost 3 hours, Linkedin with 40 minutes, and Pinterest with 30 minutes. This data compiled by Comscore indicates that these platforms have a decent amount of space among users on the Internet.

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The company states, through its study, that the prominent position of these social networks in Brazil means that there is a significant increase in the competitiveness of the platforms. This makes companies look for smart strategies in order to increase the engagement of their users.

Social networks are very important, as they provide businesses with an environment conducive to brand recognition by acting in a closer manner with their audience. Similarly, Brazil is behind only India and Indonesia in consumption of these platforms.

Other information about social networks

However, the Comscore study also provides some important information, such as the fact that between January and December 2022, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter together added about 15.6 billion shares in Brazil, up 17% from the same period of the previous year.

The three Internet giants, together, produced 10 million pieces of content, which is an increase of 2% compared to 2021. Compared to the previous year. Altogether there were 230.8 million.

Social media influencers have emerged to produce many of the content that has been made available and shared by the platforms. Together, they created 22.3 billion actions in 2022. In this way, they make up 59% of all posts and 9% of the content posted.

It should be noted that the category of influencers who usually cover movies and series is responsible for 30% of the content and posts on social networks in the country. Moreover, these people have a high power of reaching out and connecting with the users of the platform, which leads to a great relationship with them.

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Instagram is the social network that offers the greatest variety of actions targeting its users. It is the platform with the most shares, as well as comments, among the brands that use it. On Facebook, ads, media, and entertainment posts stand out.

In conclusion, it should be noted that there is cross consumption among social networks. 99.1% of users use Instagram, Tik Tok and Youtube regularly. There are some curiosities such as the fact that Facebook users have a greater affinity with travel and telecommunications.