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A Fazenda 14: Record reveals why the party was canceled;  paying off!  |  central reality

A Fazenda 14: Record reveals why the party was canceled; paying off! | central reality

In this Saturday’s edition (15) everything that happened at the Friday party was supposed to be over, however, the festivities were canceled by the reality production and presenter Adriane Galisteu explained everything during the program.

It turns out that after Confusion between Cheyenne and Thiago Ramos After recording Farrow’s dynamic on Friday (14), Neymar’s ex-stepfather warned that he would cause the party, which halted the red alert for the ‘Fazenda’ production, and prevent something more serious from happening on the programme. They decided to cancel the party at the last minute.

Thiago Ramos threatened, “This party will go up today…This party will go really crazy today, for those who were thinking nonsense, keep thinking, because today’s disaster is really going to happen!” , and this was the impetus for the abolition, as a form of punishment for pedestrians.

On the Internet, people found the reality show’s attitude to be unfair,”This is ridiculous. Protecting a dazed man should have been kicked out long ago. record without credibilityOne Internet user said.

Thiago Ramos pursues Cheyenne after calling him “Jojo Boy” and the homeless

On Friday afternoon (14) Farrow’s usual “A Fazenda” dynamic happened, as usual the PlayPlus cameras were disabled so viewers couldn’t watch what was happening in the rural reality of standard television.

After the recording of the program ended, the cameras returned, and soon confusion appeared within reality. Cheyenne and Thiago Ramos were arguing fiercely. It is possible to see from the photos that Thiago did not like what the Iranian was in the dynamics of Faro that he got Less than a week come Zacky.

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Why did you call me jojo boy? Why did you call me jojo boy? I also said I don’t have a homeTiago Ramos said. Confusion soon escalated and the infantry had to be separated to prevent aggression.

Neymar’s ex-stepfather was out of control while Cheyenne teased the boy, cracking jokes about the height difference between the two. “You no one to say I don’t have a home! “James shouted.

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