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Braz and Spindel travel to Spain to advance Flamengo negotiations Luiz Henrique |  Flamingo

Braz and Spindel travel to Spain to advance Flamengo negotiations Luiz Henrique | Flamingo

After providing his first reinforcement, midfielder De La Cruz, last Friday, Flamingo He will use the eye tactic to try and shut down other names in January. Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel have tickets booked to fly to Spain and are scheduled to board on Sunday night.

Spindel says: “There are players who do not want to come to Flamengo for fear of not playing.”

After calling in Portugal, the duo's first stop will be in Seville, home of Betis, the club owned by winger Luiz Henrique, a former Fluminense player. In a press conference today, Friday, the football club’s executive director said FlamingoBruno Spindel has stated that negotiations for the 22-year-old are ongoing.

The business model he intends Flamingo It is a loan with fixed economic rights. Rubro Negro will pay an initial fee for a one-year contract, and this amount will be deducted from a future purchase after the transfer window if Cariocas chooses to keep the 22-year-old permanently.

Hey Flamingo He repeats the strategy used with Gabigol, Pedro and Thiago Maia, who were all bought after their loans expired. However, Betis initially stated that Luiz Henrique was only leaving via sale. The player returned to the starting lineup on Saturday, in the 1-0 win over Granada, and performed well. This was the first time this season that he played the full 90 minutes of a match.

Initial offer from Flamingo, which was made in talks with the Roma board of directors, amounted to 6 million euros. But the Italians demanded 10 million euros.

Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel, of Flamengo, at a press conference in Ninho – Photo: Fred Gomez/ge

Hey Flamingo It won't stretch the rope to the numbers Roma are asking for, but it will increase the value relative to the initial offer to try to sign him. With Viña, everything is fine in terms of values ​​and contract duration.

Braz and Spindel are scheduled to miss the match against Audax, on Wednesday, in Manaus, a few days after the end of the period in which the team will be absent. Flamingo He will remain in Orlando, where he will conduct the final part of the pre-season. The “Olho no Lance” program on Rubro-News first reported about the possibility of Braz and Spindel traveling to Europe.

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