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Botafogo x Santos: tickets are now on sale also for non-members, starting at R$5

Botafogo x Santos: tickets are now on sale also for non-members, starting at R$5

Starts this Wednesday, from 10 am, sale tickets For the general public for the Botafogo match against Santos on Thursday (11/10), at 8 pm, for the 37th and penultimate round of the tournament. Brazilian Championship🇧🇷

The supporting members have already sold the Near East and Upper East sectors. Tickets for non-members now start at R$5 (North Sector Half) and go up to R$320 (full of Tribuna). Another sector currently available is Lower West – Upper West is closed.

Service | Botafogo – Santos match tickets:

Botafogo vs Santos
Date and time: 11/10 (Thursday), 20:00
stadium: Nilton Santos Stadium

Sell ​​on site: www.botafogo.com.br/ingresso
Gates open: 6pm

Operating sectors:

Near East, Upper East, Lower West, North, Tripona de Honore and Cabin (Botafogo) / South (Santos)

(Upper Western A and Upper Western B are initially closed and will be available upon request)

Entry values:

Near East Segment (Exclusive 7 Segment Shirt) – Sold Out

Upper East Sector (accessed by East Sector) – SOLD OUT

Full R$30 / Half R$15

7 . shirt
Glorious Plan – Free Check-in +1
Alfinegro Plan – Free Check-in +1
Black Plan – Free Check-in +1
White Plan – Free Check-in +1
Cria and Cria + Plans – Free Check-in (No Companion)

Lower West Sector (Arrival of Sector West)

Full R$80 / Half R$40

7 . shirt
Glorious plan – FREE – check in
Alfinegro Plan – 12.00 BRL
Black Plan – 30.00 BRL
White Plan – 40.00 BRL
Create + – Free – Check-in (follow step by step)

Sector North (access via North Sector)

Whole Brazilian Real 10 / Half Brazilian Real 5

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7 . shirt
Glorious Plan – Free Check-in +1
Alfinegro Plan – Free Check-in +1
Black Plan – Free Check-in +1
White Plan – Free Check-in +1
Cria and Cria + Plans – Free Check-in (No Companion)

Honor Award

Full R$320 / Half R$200
Glorious Plan: R$100 + 1 (the right to buy another ticket for R$100)
Alfinegro plan: R$100 + 1 (right to buy another ticket for R$100)
Features: Exclusive location, exclusive countryside view, buffet service included. (excluding alcoholic beverages)

physical selling points

Nilton Santos Stadium (North Ticket Office)
Wednesday (9/11): from 9 am to 5 pm
Thursday (10/30) from 9 am to 5 pm

Nilton Santos Stadium (Eastern and Western ticket offices)
Thursday (10/30) from 9 am to 5 pm

General Severiano
– Wednesday (11/09): from 10 am to 5 pm

Cariocas FC . Store
(via Park Shopping Center – Barra da Tijuca)

Wednesday (9/11): from 12 pm to 7 pm

Cariocas FC . Store
(Carioca Shopping Center – Villa da Penha)

Wednesday (9/11): from 12 pm to 7 pm

Carioca fan shop
(Rio Office and Mall – Jacaribagua)

Wednesday (9/11): from 12 pm to 7 pm


Children (under 12 years old), seniors (over 60 years old) and people with special needs are free of charge. To get to the stadium, it will be necessary to provide supporting documents.

Bonus recipients by law, complying with the requirements, will be able to redeem the ticket, on operating days at Nelton Santos Stadium and Severiano Public Point of Sale, from 10am until closing time. Remember that access is limited and there is potential for exhaustion.

Step by step – double check-in shirt 7

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How do I double check-in on the voucher site?

1. To perform a private check-in, access the Voucher Seguro website and create an account (if you do not already have one). It is very important that the Voucher Seguro registration data is the same as that provided in the Camisa 7 registration.

2. Select your preferred sector ticket containing the information Exclusive member🇧🇷 Just choose UM . ticket In that first moment.

3. Enter your CPF number and note that the purchase amount is reset to zero.

4. Complete your first purchase.

5. Repeat the same procedure when logging in and make a second Purchase. You will see that the second purchase also appears with a zero value.

6. Complete your second purchase.

Note: All No.7 shirt plans are eligible for double check-in at Botafogo x Santos.

Step by step login for CAMISA 7 CREA and CREA + plans

1 – Access the Voucher Seguro website and login to your Cria account;

2 – Select the new event called Botafogo x Santos [Cria e Cria+]🇧🇷

3 – Just choose a ticket🇧🇷 If there is an attempt to make an additional purchase, it will not be approved;

4 – After this purchase number will be created QR Code In the application as usual;

5 – You will receive a file e-tickets With additional information to grant direct benefit at the turnstile.


Norte 1 car park on Rua das Oficinas will open at 17:00. Members are entitled to a discount. It will close one hour after the end of the match.

Sell ​​via the Fast Parking app – up to 4 hours before departure.

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Member: BRL 20
Non-members: R$40

(Fans who choose to purchase at a discount will need to download the Fast Parking app from their mobile app store to purchase a parking lot. After purchase, simply provide the QR code that will be on your app. Prints and QR codes printed NO will be approved)

Instant sale (cash, PIX, card or app)

Member: BRL 30
Non-members: R$50

Trucks: 60 BRL

warning: Parking access is limited to cars, motorbikes and vans.

important report

Botafogo warns that the use of bombs or bombs during matches, as well as throwing objects on the field of play, is strictly prohibited. Remember: such practices are detrimental to the club.