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Abel Ferreira denies his bad relationship with Dodo at the club

Abel Ferreira denies his bad relationship with Dodo at the club

My relationship with Dodo is frank, serious, professional and honest. Whoever says otherwise is because he has other intentions. It would be interesting if someone publicly said that Abel and Dodo do not have a good relationship.

His agent is the one who makes a player’s career, not me. Our president and Barros are the ones who run the club. I’m the one who coaches the team. I’ve already seen our players sending him messages, he has a contract, he renewed it last year… What do I expect from him? Let him come and do what he knows how to do: perform, goals and assists. This is what I and all the fans expect from a player like him. In this series, I am not a lead actor, a supporting actor or an extra. In this series, I was on my ship adjusting the sails. Suddenly, the storm came, and we adjusted the situation. With every storm, my players do that, whoever is playing. Palmeiras has two biggest stars: the parrot and the pig. They are the only ones who cannot be replaced. As for the rest… the club remains and we will pass and salute this great club.

In another response, Abel talked about how he intends to deal with the episode: “How does God deal with us? Let him who has never sinned cast a stone.”

Dodo announced his stay at Palmeiras via social media ahead of the match against Atletico MG. He stated that “this is not the right time to leave and end the course” in Alverde. Due to this decision, the Minas Gerais club withdrew its offer for the striker.

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The player said he had lived “horrible” days and admitted that he was “shaken” by Cruzeiro’s proposalWho offered him a four-year contract and a higher salary than what he earned at Palmeiras.

Palmeiras confirms the words of President Leila Pereira in a previous interview: The club will honor its commitment to Dodo, as it does with all athletes. Dodo has a contract valid until the end of 2025.