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Football may have helped bring Prince William and Prince Harry together

Football may have helped bring Prince William and Prince Harry together

Last Tuesday, the 29th, there was a football match between England and Germany, and of course in the stands many famous Englishmen watched the match – including Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and their eldest son Prince George! And the England team’s victory appears to have broken the ice a bit between William and his brother Prince Harry, who have a strained relationship.

According to information from the Daily Mail, they have both been in touch since the beginning of this week, gathering this Thursday, the first, for the opening ceremony of the Lady Di statue. Plus, they exchanged text messages to celebrate England’s victory!

Sources still believe there is a long way to go, but these small gestures suggest that the siblings may finally put an end to the feud. A close person shared the following details:

– It’s still far from good between them. But there has obviously been an exchange of messages, especially about football, which is a step in the right direction, even if it is only to honor your mother.

In addition, the family appears to have informed Harry of their desire to see Archie Harrison, the eldest son of the Duke of Sussex, and they hope the two-year-old, born of Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle, will soon return to the UK for a visit. The source reports that William and Kate Middleton have only seen Archie once or twice since his birth, in May 2019.

Remember that the relationship between Harry and William has been strained since he left the royal family, in January 2020. Kate’s husband is angry and angry because Harry pressed the nuclear button not only in their relationship, but also with the family itself. Another source even in detail:

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– Lots of water went under the bridge for that. Harry and Meghan’s decision to burn so many bridges behind them and make such horrible accusations against their family in that infamous Oprah interview, knowing that they would never be in a position to defend themselves, took its toll. What little confidence there was was completely destroyed.

However, this same source recognizes that there can be reconciliation between siblings – at least until their children can grow up together:

– It would be a pity to Archi and Lilipt [Diana, segunda filha de Harry e Meghan] He never met George, Charlotte and Louis.