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‘Blade Dinosaur’ Fossil Found in Isle of England

‘Blade Dinosaur’ Fossil Found in Isle of England

A new species of dinosaur has been named after scientist Paul Barrett

Photo: Reproduction/Natural History Museum

A new type Dinosaur According to a study published Thursday (15) in Systematic Paleontology, armored shields full of blade-like structures were found on England’s Isle of Wight.

The genus is named Vectipelda BarrettiNamed after renowned paleontologist Paul Barrett Anglosaurus Found on site in 142 years. There were ankylosaurs Herbivorous dinosaurs Large, short legs, broad bodies and bony armor plates for protection.

The Isle of Wight has long been a rich source of dinosaur fossils, but researchers say the remains of an “armored” dinosaur are unusual.

Dinosaurs lived about 125 million years ago, during the Lower Cretaceous period, when the Isle of Wight was part of a plain criss-crossed by rivers. Your Archaeology It was excavated in the early 1990s and later studied at the Dinosaur Island Museum.

The remains help researchers build a more detailed picture of what different dinosaurs looked like 140 million years ago.

Photo: Reproduction/Natural History Museum

oh Vectipelda Barretti It has some important differences from known ankylosaur species Polacanthus, Mostly in her neck, and back vertebrae.

“It also has curved, blade-like notes that we don’t see in the material. Polacanthus We have,” says Susie Maidment, a dinosaur researcher at the Natural History Museum.

“When we put Vectipelda In a large evolutionary analysis to trace the relationships of these various dinosaurs, we found that Polacanthus This is Vectipelda Not really close. They’re really far from Ankylosaurus in terms of evolution, so it’s pretty clear that it’s a different species.”

Scientists suggest that Vectipelda It is more similar to the ankylosaurs found in China than the other ankylosaurs from England, suggesting possible animal movement between Europe and Asia in the distant past.

The new species is named for various differences, including its vertebrae.

Photo: Reproduction/Natural History Museum

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