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Black Panther 2 may delay filming due to the actress' anti-vaccine stance

Black Panther 2 may delay filming due to the actress’ anti-vaccine stance

Actress Letitia Wright’s anti-vaccination stance has caused more problems behind the scenes Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever It may even delay filming of the much-anticipated sequel as well as the release of other productions from the Marvel’s Cinematographic Universe (MCU).

A standard set by the US Agency for Disease Control and Prevention requires all foreigners to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus before entering the country – and this is where the situation for the actress becomes complicated.

Ironically, the science-linked character interpreter is embroiled in such controversies (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

Since she is British, she will have to provide proof of vaccination before returning to the US to continue registering the new one Black Panther. Wright is currently in London recovering from an injury he sustained while filming the movie. And based on her many pronouncements against vaccination, it seems unlikely that she will have the necessary documents and this could directly affect her progress. Wakanda forever.

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Since the end of last year, the actress has been embroiled in a series of controversy over comments related to the pandemic. She even shared a video criticizing vaccinations and anti-transgender comments, which led to a huge backlash and prompted her to quit social media for a while. In October, she returned to the news after it was rumored that she was embarrassing members of a production black panther 2 Only with anti-vaccination speeches.

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Due to the fallout from the two episodes, Shuri’s translator used her Instagram to defend herself and say that the focus of her work has always been on influencing and inspiring people. Only, at no time did she deny the allegations of opposing immunization.

Thus, as the CBR website notes, the future of black panther 2 All other MCU products may be affected if Wright is not vaccinated. As the Marvel Studios schedule is fully integrated, the final postponement of Wakanda forever A domino effect can include everything that comes next.

The “good” news – among many quotes – is that the studio just changed the feature date, taking it from July 2022 to November 11. Thus, it is expected that the impasse in the actress’s denial will be resolved soon and that no further changes to the release schedule will be necessary.

Source: THRAnd CBR

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