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The actress who plays Marilyn from The Last of Us will reprise her role in the HBO series

The actress who plays Marilyn from The Last of Us will reprise her role in the HBO series

a series The last of us, The PlayStation exclusive game, got another cast confirmation. Actress Merle Dandridge is a voice actress and is responsible for capturing Marlene’s moves in the 2013 and 2020 games, and as The Hollywood Reporter revealed, she will be repeating the role in the HBO production.

In the game’s plot, Marilyn is one of the leaders of the fireflies, resisting the army during the apocalypse. She was the one who embraced Joel to take Ellie out of Boston and start the franchise that garnered millions of fans around the world.

a Live action or direct event HBO will feature the events of the first game in the saga. The plot falls 20 years after civilization was destroyed by fungi, and people began to live in quarantine. The main character is Joel (Pedro Pascal), who must survive crossing the United States with Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a 14-year-old girl. However, one of the series’s producers, Craig Mazen, said it was likely juvenile Vegas Us Part Two They also appear on TV.

Merle joins the cast composed by Pedro Pascal (MandalorianBella RamseyGame of thronesAnd Gabriel Luna (Shield agents) As Joel Tommy’s brother. Neil Druckman, creator of the games, and Craig Mazen (ChernobylResponsible for the road map. The pilot will be directed by Kantmir Palagov, a well-known and award-winning Russian film director Tall woman.

The adaptation will be one of HBO Max’s great strengths, but it still doesn’t have an exact debut date. However, the service will arrive in Brazil on June 29 with plans starting at R $ 20.

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Source: CBRAnd the The Hollywood Reporter

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