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Beyond the Ferrari SF90 that crashed: Meet João Adibe Marques' fleet - 08/14/2021

Beyond the Ferrari SF90 that crashed: Meet João Adibe Marques’ fleet – 08/14/2021

Entrepreneur Joao Adebe Marques, CEO of pharmaceutical company Cimed, was highlighted this week in the automotive news with his video of his take on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Fell from the winch when it was unloaded.

Despite the fear, apparently, the car was undamaged and saw little more than a solid spectacle for car lovers and for the owner who knows he’s paid at least R$7 million in the hybrid supercar that develops 1,000 horsepower. of strength.

The Italian sports car isn’t the only car in Adebe’s fleet, but it shares most of it with the fact that it’s yellow, which is the color of the family business he runs.

In the garage, which is popular on social networks, cars range from electric and sports cars, through to hybrids, most of which bear the company’s name and colors. It is the company’s marketing method and “corporate fleet” as described.

In addition to the recent acquisition, the garage contains a Porsche Taycan, a German electric sports car that arrived in Brazil last year. The model costs between R$615,000 and R$1,079,000, with no options. This is the only one that isn’t yellow, at the moment.

Hybrids at the expense of the three models of the BMW group. The garage contains a BMW 330e, a 3 Series hybrid, and two i3 compact cars, which have a generator engine to power the batteries. In fact, BMW is testing this model with flex technology in Brazil.

From the German range there is also a Mini Cooper JCW, a sports version of the “pocket rocket”. The 2.0 turbo four-cylinder petrol engine generates 231 hp and 32.6 million lb-ft. The exchange is an eight-speed automatic and reaches 246 km/h depending on the brand.

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From Mercedes-Benz come the AMG sports cars, the A35 AMG and the CLA35 AMG. Both models have the same platform and powertrain: a 2.0 turbo gasoline engine that produces 306 hp and 40.8 million kgf and is capable of reaching 250 km / h.

The supercars are the Porsche 911 Carrera 4, which has a 6-cylinder, 3-liter, petrol, turbocharged engine, with 450 hp and 54 million kilograms and a starting table of R$859,000, and the Lamborghini Urus, this one in black. . NS SUV cars From the Italian brand has a 4.0-horsepower twin-turbo V8 with 650 hp and 86.7 million kilograms of gravity, with an estimated value of 3.5 million Brazilian reals.

Adibe’s relationship with cars comes from other times, when he became a Stock Car driver before taking over the company, as well as using it later, as an executive, when he created his own team, Cimed Racing.

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

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