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Beds of general wards for coronavirus and influenza in Bosnia and Herzegovina exhausted - 01/04/2022 - Equilíbrio e Saúde

Beds of general wards for coronavirus and influenza in Bosnia and Herzegovina exhausted – 01/04/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

There are no more ward beds to care for patients with respiratory infections in the public health network in Belo Horizonte.

The bulletin issued on Monday (3) by the city of Minas Gerais, with its data for Sunday (2), indicates that the hospitalization capacity of this type of treatment, which has 220 beds, has exploded and amounted to 107.3%.

The numbers refer to the units initially assigned to patients with COVID-19, but who also began to receive it Situations that could be influenza.

The Municipal Health Department stated that a ratio of more than 100% in hospital bed occupancy, which targets less severe cases, “does not indicate that the excess number represents a queue.”

“These patients, in addition to 100%, are transported to hospitals using all the resources that a patient with this profile would need, such as supplies and equipment,” says the Secretariat.

The city has also recorded a rise in admissions for Covid treatment in general intensive care units (ICUs).

In Tuesday’s bulletin, the occupancy rate of sick intensive care beds in the public network was 78.8%, compared to 63.5% in the previous bulletin, on December 29 and released on the 30th.

The total number of intensive care beds in the city’s public health network for COVID patients is 104.

The progress in the occupation of nursing beds, which can be occupied by both Covid patients and those with influenza, also recorded a significant increase in the same period. Before reaching 107.3% from Monday’s bulletin, it was 90.5% in the 30th day’s bulletin.

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The discharge is linked to the termination, says Unaí Tupinambás, an infectious disease specialist and professor at the UFMG Medical School (Federal University of Minas Gerais), part of the Committee to Combat Covid-19 of the municipality of Belo Horizonte. – Concerts and trips of the year.

For a specialist, especially in the next two weeks, you should pay attention to the impact of both Covid and influenza cases in the service network. Highlights the disturbing scenario amid omicron variable.

The ease of transmission is really impressive,” he says. However, Topinampas believes in the potential for Moderate cases affected by the variant due to vaccination.

According to the municipal health department, patients with influenza cases without any result of Covid-19 may be hospitalized in wards for those infected with the coronavirus because the symptoms are similar.

The city has 4,251 public beds for non-Covid-19 illnesses. The occupancy rate in this case is 73%.

The private health network is under less pressure in the city, but it also records a large number of admissions for cases considered more serious. The occupancy rate of Covid intensive care beds for this network was 41.2% in Monday’s report versus 39.2% in the 30 report, and the total number of available units is 97.

With regard to nursing units in the private network, the percentage of the profession referred to in the Monday bulletin was 42.7%, which is the same percentage recorded in the bulletin issued on 30, and the total number of units available is 246.

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City Hall numbers around covid vaccination In Belo Horizonte reports that all residents over the age of 12 in the city, a total of 2199,135 people, have already received the first dose of vaccinations against the disease.

The data also show that 93% of this total had already received the second or single dose of the fortifying agents. For the booster dose, the percentage of those who have already gone through the phase is 24.2%.

The Ministry of Health stated that the vaccination progress in the city is one of the factors taken into account to assess the epidemiological scenario in the city, with the possibility of opening more beds if the situation worsens.

“For the duration of the epidemic, according to epidemiological indicators and care for the disease in the city, the beds were opened in Covid and transferred to back beds,” the volume says in a note.