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BC postpones release of focus report and other indicators due to civil servant strike

The Central Bank (BC) announced a new delay in its regular publications, such as the Focus Report, due to Brazilian Monetary Authority employees strike, which began on Friday (1) By adjusting the salary.

The Focus report, Selected Indicators (Indeco), which includes exchange rate movement in Brazil and BC foreign exchange operations, as well as the Commodity Index (IC-Br) will not be released on the scheduled dates this week. Also affected will be the savings report, which is published monthly on the fourth business day of the month – and was supposed to come out on Wednesday (6).

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“Due to the ongoing strike in British Columbia, the Focus, Indeco and Savings Report will not be released on schedule,” the municipality said in a statement. “In due course, we will inform the release dates of each of them. A notification of new dates will be sent at least 24 hours in advance.”

This is the first time that the Central Bank administration has publicly acknowledged that the delay in disclosure was caused by the strike of civil servants who demanded a 26.3% salary adjustment and job restructuring.

frequent delays

The external sector, credit and financial statistics for the month of February, which were supposed to be released last week, were also postponed due to the interruption, as well as the weekly release of the exchange rate.

Even before the strike began, BC servers were already affecting many services, such as Rewards for Banks in Pix Operationsdue to the daily four-hour shutdown that has been in place since March 17.

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At Friday’s meeting, the unions representing BC servers and the authority’s management hit the hammer on maintaining Pix, SPB (Brazilian Payment System) and other autonomous systems, as well as operating the operating system. tables during the strike.

* With information from the state agency.

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