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BBB 24: Photo of Rodrigueño with Ludmila goes viral after controversy

BBB 24: Photo of Rodrigueño with Ludmila goes viral after controversy

Image for Rodriginho with Lyudmila In one of the presentations NumaneseThe singer's show, as she is known, had repercussions on social media after Albagodero criticized his professional colleague for the sexually explicit lyrics of some of her songs on BP24.

“There was a guy dancing 'Hit the turkey in my face'. Are you crazy? This is something that's not normal for anyone. Anyone could feel scandalized by 'Hit the turkey in my face.'” […] I'll never like “Hit a stick in my face”, a turkey, a whip, a stick in my face. It's never going to be so great!“, said the artist in a conversation with Wanessa Camargo During the concert on Saturday (13).

On your official Instagram profile, Rodriginho Share the click that appears next to Lyudmila In the Numanese. “And today was the day to spend Numanice time with my dear @ludmilla, thanks for the invite my dear… very good energy…”“, wrote the singer.

The recording caused confusion among the public, who doubted the truth of this Rodriginho Attend a show by an artist whose songs you don't like. The case gained greater repercussions when she was a parent Lyudmila, Silvana Oliveira burst On social media for criticizing his daughter V BP24.

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