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Portugal travel update: Millions of Brits now allowed |  travel news

Portugal travel update: Millions of Brits now allowed | travel news

Portugal has opened its doors to about five million British travelers after facing different rules from other travelers due to the type of vaccine they received. Some brands of the AstraZeneca vaccine are not recognized by some countries, which means that travelers who must be fully vaccinated cannot travel to countries with these travel regulations.

Portugal was one of 13 European countries that refused to recognize the Indian dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine

Aspiring vacationers have been pushed off the border by this specific batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Although the AstraZeneca vaccine is widely used across the UK, some recipients have been unable to travel from the UK to some places in Europe because a specific batch made in India has not been approved by the European Medicines Agency.

Although the batch is not approved, it is chemically identical to other AstraZeneca vaccines manufactured elsewhere.

Portugal was one of several countries that did not officially recognize cans from the batch manufactured by the Institute of India Serum.

However, it has been discovered that the Portuguese government has changed its mind and will be familiar with all the doses of AstraZeneca as well as the Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine.

Since last month, those who received a dose of the boost have been quarantined upon arrival in Portugal and others have not had the opportunity to travel.

There are 13 other countries in the European Union that do not recognize the Indian AZ vaccine.

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Portugal is also open for business, although there are still restrictions on coexistence and hospitality.

Restaurants and bars can be open until 2am, last orders are at 1am.

A total of six people can eat or drink together at the event site, and ten people can do so even if they are sitting outside.

No entertainment allowed indoors and ballrooms cannot be opened.

Hotels are operating normally, but with hygiene and social distancing measures.