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Bastardo doubts that Jojo’s children are legitimate and demands DNA

Bastardo doubts that Jojo’s children are legitimate and demands DNA

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Ricardo Rocha causes new unrest with his exorbitant demands in the Jojo Liberato case

Ricardo Rocha caused a new turmoil in the process of sharing the assets of Gugu Liberato (1959-2019). The boy, who gained notoriety three months ago, claiming to be the illegitimate son of the presenter, is now demanding in court that João Augusto, Marina and Sofia Liberato be subjected to a DNA test so that it can be proven that they are in fact biological heirs. From the communication provider.

The merchant’s defense claims that there is a possibility that the three heirs are not JoJo’s biological children because they were born via artificial insemination in the office of doctor Roger Abdel Masih – who was arrested for raping patients who were seeking help to get pregnant.

In the new document attached to the process, published by columnist Monica Bergamo, from Folha de São Paulo, it is stated that Ricardo wants Gogo’s mother, Doña María do Sio, and the broadcaster’s brothers, Amandio and Aparecida Liberato, to undergo the collection of genetic material to verify the true paternity of the heirs. .

All the facts related to the fertility clinic in which Roger Abdel Masih was criminally accused of tampering with and using third-party genetic material in his patients, giving birth to children without the genetic profile of the real parents, and also these rumors about the biological origin of the children were investigated in “de cujus”. [Gugu] “It raises suspicion and requires more caution in the investigation that is the subject of this action,” says the “scoundrel’s” lawyer.

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Ricardo has been fighting in court since 2019 for a DNA test, claiming that he is Jojo Liberato’s son. “I’m looking forward to taking the DNA test, and I can’t wait for that moment to come. The moment I’ve been waiting for practically my whole life. This moment has never been so close, I feel it coming. What I’m asking for is this: recognition of paternity,” He said in an interview with Record magazine in June this year.

This week, the column has already reported directly that Ricardo’s lawyers have asked the police to take action to try to find the presenter’s mother, Doña Maria do Sio, 94 years old. As a mandatory ritual in the judicial system, all heirs listed in the will are required to be notified by a court official of the request for a DNA test, and Maria has not, so far, been found signing the document.

Believing that Doña Maria resided in the United States, he sought help from the police and airlines to trace the mother’s steps, so that she could be approached and notified as soon as she set foot in Brazil. But the strange thing about this story is that Jojo’s mother lives in Alphaville, in greater Sao Paulo.

Gugu Liberato left an inheritance worth more than R$ 1 billion, and the fight over participation does not stop. In addition to Rosemiriam Di Matteo, who is trying to prove that she lived a married life with the broadcaster, there is also Thiago Salvatico, who entered the dispute, claiming that he lived the last eight years alongside the broadcaster.

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