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Banned by Elizabeth?  A sport ‘banned’ by the British royal family

Banned by Elizabeth? A sport ‘banned’ by the British royal family

Among the many luxuries enjoyed by the British royal family, one popular board game was “banned” by the monarchy.

The influence of the old monarchical families is now much less than it was a few centuries ago. A clear example is the British royal family, which has lived through one of the longest reigns in history A royal family that does not participate in political decisions From England.

However, royals are born with a silver spoon, which is neither surprising nor surprising offers and the rights they have for that reason.

Therefore, a person can make decisions on behalf of members of the state: the king or the queen. And because of one The end of the monarchyThe well-known board game was banned during the leisure evenings of the royal family.

In general, rescuing our old board games from the shelves is not very rare, it usually happens in the most boring situations imaginable or creates memorable moments with family and friends, however, it should not happen in private moments. Members of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II / Getty Images

Forbidden game

It was December 2008, then Prince Andrew – Controversial brother of the current king Charles III and the second youngest son Elizabeth II – visited the then newly formed Albion Street headquarters of Leeds Building Society (a construction company and the fifth largest building society in the United Kingdom), which he received as a gift. Board game Most famous: Monopoly.

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Shortly after receiving the offer, he had to decline the prize: “We’re not allowed to play Monopoly at home,” he said. Express.

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Prince Andrew in 2017 / Getty Images

in line, Andrew Justified the ban: He said the game May cause arguments – In fact, it always causes even among the most ordinary and quiet players – in the family, because, in its course, other members of royalty can meet. “Extremely Atrocious” CircumstancesMarie Claire echoed the website.