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bankruptcy? The well-loved famous clothing store could be Renner’s

Renner can buy a general’s darling and make her extinct

If you want to shop at heretake advantage of the last features you will have to do, because the store will cease to exist if it was Renner Buy and choose to combine the two brands.

Beloved by Brazilians, C & A gradually fell in love with Brazilians. Thus, it spread to the malls of Brazil and blossomed with its virtual stores. But not everything lasts forever and times are different. For now, the one who stands out is Renner, who has decided he can buy the friend.

Loja Renner – Photo Reproduction Online

According to O Globo’s columnist Lauro Jardim, the two companies are already negotiating and it won’t take long for the outcome to emerge. A real fusion can happen between the two. Today, for example, Renner is valued at R$20 billion, while C&A is worth R$750 million.

But, just like in 2020, the year this type of rumor surfaced, none of the companies have commented on the information. Thus, what we can expect is to determine what will result from these potential negotiations. One thing is for sure, if the purchase is official, we will follow the brand’s end.

Is C&A failing?

The crisis at C&A could lead to its extinction (Image: cloning)
The crisis at C&A could lead to its extinction (Image: cloning)

Bankruptcy shouldn’t be the answer, but the fact that she’s in bad shape is no secret. In the third quarter of 2022, the store recorded a net loss of R$61.4 million. In the first quarter of the same year, the gap was even larger. It closed with a net loss of R$152.7 million.

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What about Rainier?

Well, if one does not know how to get out of the hole, then the other is still full and closes in the blue. In the third quarter of 2022, the retailer generated a profit of R$ 257.9 million, a growth of 50% compared to the previous year.

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